Our dummy chains

We wanted to incorporate an accessory for the little ones among us.
Why? Because it is important.
In today's fast-paced, impersonal, and unattractive world, everything is moving so quickly.
Pacifier chains are a perfect everyday helper, simply because they are so versatile and take at least one thing off the mom's and dad's plate - searching.
They not only keep the pacifier on the baby or toddler, but also serve well as a teething tool or as a toy, and sometimes even as a drink holder on the stroller.
So we thought to ourselves: There needs to be something special here, something that both mom and dad and most importantly, the baby would like.

Therefore, we had special requirements for our product.
First and foremost, it had to be a safe product.
Our dummy chain consists of 100% pure beech wood for its wooden parts.
The silicone beads are made of 100% food-safe, anti-allergenic, antibacterial silicone, so biting, chewing, drooling, and dropping no longer have to be your concern.